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Accounting and Taxation

We are a quaity accounting firm with more than 30 years in experience. Our professional team has had extensive experience serving a wide rage of industries including  trading, services, retail, hotel, manufacturing, import - export, real estate, shipping, etc.

We provide you with timely and accurate information and analysis critical to your strategic decision-making processes. In order to meet the requirements for keeping an entity in good legal standing, this entity needs to keep the books on an annual basis. We maintain our clients’ books and records in accordance with local legislation. These books also form the basis for the corporate income tax returns and thus the basis for the tax advantages set forth in tax treaties.

By allowing us to help you with your day-to-day accounting, you will achieve, at the very least, the following advantages:

  Proper records to allow for accurate tax return preparation and successful defense in the event of an audit.

  Useful information for financial management and strategic planning.


Properly kept books are an essential tool to assess how your business plan is developing. Where you are now, what happened, and what you need to adjust to meet your long term goals are questions that cannot be answered without proper bookkeeping.

We will work with you year-round, and take appropriate actions at critical times in order to optimize your tax position.

Personal Income Tax (PIT)

  Individual Tax Return    

     -  Mid-Year Personal Income Tax Return (PND 94) and Annual Personal Income Tax Return (PND 90, PND 91)


Preparing your own taxes can be quite a challenge: from maximizing your deductions to minimizing your tax liability. We prepare tax returns year-round in order to keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws.

We talk to our clients, and are available throughout the year to advise on life changes or tax problems that arise. There will inevitably be events that impact your tax responsibilities such as marriage status, the birth of a child, sell or purchase of a home. We analyze your life changes not only for tax risks, but for opportunities, as well.


Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

  Accounting transactions recording, tax planning, financial reporting analysis

  Tax preparing and submission

    -  Value Added Tax (PP 30)                                                                                                                         

    -  Withholding Tax (PND 3,53)

    -  Mid-Year Tax Return (PND 51) and Annual Tax Return (PND 50)

  Annual Financial Statement submission to the Revenue Department and the Department of Business Development

  Stock Report

  Accounting and tax consulting

  Tax representative to deal with the Revenue Department officers.


Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is a direct tax levied on a juristic company or partnership carrying on business in Thailand or not carrying on business in Thailand but deriving certain types of income from Thailand.

The term “juristic company or partnership” (hereinafter called “company”) means a limited company, a limited partnership or a registered partnership incorporated under Thai law or foreign law as well as an association and a foundation. The term also includes any joint venture and any trading or profit-seeking activity carried on by a foreign government or its agency or by any other juristic body incorporated under a foreign law.

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