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Payroll Processing

We not only processes your outsourced payroll for you we handle all your payroll tax and compliance issues.  Should your payroll records be audited by government we handle the audit for you. We even handle all your workers compensation insurance reporting. Let us use our payroll systems and expertise to take the worries out of getting your payroll completed and your employees paid.  

Employer with at least one employee is required to make contributions to the Compensation Fund to pay for compensation for employees in lieu of the employer; to pay for medical treatment expenses, to payment compensation for loss of monthly income; to pay the cost of physical rehabilitation of working capability; and to pay for funeral expense. However, the employer shall be required unilaterally to make contribution to the fund according to the risk of such category of business at the rate of 0.2 -2.0 percent. 

Under this Social Security Act, the employees would receive protection in the capacity as the insured under a total of 7 circumstances, namely: illness or accident; physical disability; death not related to performance of work; child delivery; old age, child assistance and unemployment. For this purpose, the employer, and employee and the Government have made contributions at equal rate.


 Prepare and submit monthly withholding tax (PND 1)  

 Payroll calculations

 Register to Social Security Office

 Prepare and submit monthly social security

 Prepare and declare any changes at Social Security Office

   - Entry of new employees

   - Any changes information of employer and employees

   - Resignation of employees

   - Social security card

 Consultant in Social security law and Labour law

 Representative to deal with Social Security staffs and Labour office staffs




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