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Business Registration
Business Formation
In Thailand, there are various forms of business entities such as sole proprietorships, company limited, limited partnership, etc. Depending on which form is chosen, your tax and ownership considerations change.    
The process of company registration requires an abundance of paperwork to complete the process. Our team of legal experts will ensure that your company registration application adheres to the relevant laws in Thailand and goes through smoothly. We will help you decide which form of business entities will benefit you most. Start a Thai company has many years worth of experience and we aim to share our knowledge with you, so you know every aspect of Thai company formation, from having the right corporate name to the correct number of shares. 
Trademark Registration


A trademark is valuable to everyone who relies on a specific name as part of their business. We understands that and are ready to do everything possible to deliver a successful Thailand trademark registration experience for you. We will assist you throughout the Trademark Registration Process outlined below.


    Trademark Search:  We provide a thorough search of Thailand trademark database for every trademark client. We would send you a report which includes a search of similar and identical trademarks along with our expert opinion about the registration probabilities of your trademark in Thailand. This report allows you to rule out any possible objections to your trademark in advance.


    Trademark Registration:  The filing and processing of the Trademark Registration Request before Trademark Office, according to the legal procedures and requirements with the objective of obtaining ownership of the trademark.


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